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SOS’s Comprehensive Sign Package and Graphics

Client: Share Our Strength
Other Involved Parties: KGO Management, Fox Architects and HITT Contracting

Based on our previous outstanding work with principals involved with the Share Our Strength project, SUI was approached to collaborate with Share Our Strength, KGO Management, Fox Architects, and HITT Contracting. As is the case with any returning client, we leaped into action! SUI designed, fabricated, and installed the interior office and reception signage. We consulted with the design team for the environmental graphics implemented throughout the space based upon our experience with quality materials to complement the design and desired finished product.

A focal point of our creative meetings was the large angled graphic wall which comes into view immediately upon exiting the elevators and entering Share Our Strength’s office space. SUI provided three options for implementation of the graphics for optimum visual impact at this location. These options also provided the client with different budget points to consider while all remained aesthetically dynamic.

As the project progressed, graphic designs were revised and additional graphic locations were added. SUI proved flexible to these changes and worked diligently to ensure the final environmental graphic design package was fabricated and installed to meet the client’s occupancy date.

Rebecca Cornell, LEED AP (Project Manager at Cushman & Wakefield): General: “In my partnerships with SUI they have delivered above other local industry competitors at every phase of our interaction. Their bids are always complete and well thought out, bringing to light potential install, specification, or quality issues before they even win the job. They support their bids with backup showing multiple options in a myriad of design directions as well as photographs of successful jobs. This is extremely helpful to aid the Owner and Designer in discussions on branding and reinforcement of the overall space’s design intent. Their designs are conveyed through complete drawings and they work alongside the owner and architect to ensure a successful release into fabrication. Install onsite is done with courteous and timely staff and has a high level of quality control to minimize punchlist. They truly become a part of the Team, merging their expertise and knowledge with the Owner and Designer’s best interests.”

Project specific: “I had the pleasure of working with SUI on this really unique project that involved a lot of high energy graphics and branding. Operating as the General Contractor, SUI impressed me with their thorough drawings and ‘outside the box’ thinking for our unique space. Throughout the process they partnered actively and successfully with the architect, graphics team for the client, construction manager, and general contractor. We had multiple discussions throughout design and fabrication to coordinate activities onsite and the best means and methods to achieve a high quality end product. Despite a compressed installation, SUI delivered with competent and hardworking staff onsite. The work looked amazing at the completion of the project and drastically altered the tone of the space. The client was most pleased.”

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