All of our signs are custom made. From your building sign, to your desk sign, SUI Signs will consult, design, fabricate, and install exactly what you need. We strive to be the best at bringing your vision to life. If you haven’t quite reached your vision, we can certainly help you get there.

Union Privilege Custom Feature Wall

Client: Design Army
Other Involved Parties: Union Privilege

SUI was brought on for the consultation, fabrication, and installation of the Union Plus feature wall in their offices. The concept and design of layered graphics, LED illumination, and a steel wall backdrop were envisioned by Design Army. Design Army’s vision was quite specific so they consulted with SUI on material selection, illumination, print materials, and how the steel would be notched-out to accommodate electrical, HVAC, and other functional elements. Thanks to SUI’s extensive knowledge of materials and our years of experience in engineering, together with Design Army, we were able to create a beautiful, timeless, and unique feature wall display.

Jake Lefebure (CEO/Co-Founder Design Army): Design Army has worked with SUI for more than 10 years on countless custom projects, and we will continue to do so for one simple reason: trust. There are a lot of options out there in terms of companies to collaborate with, and they all use the same equipment, materials, and technology — but it’s the people that make the difference. You have to trust the people you work with to get great results.

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