SUI Creative focuses most of its time on Environmental and Experimental Graphic Design as well as Specialized Projects. Over the last few years, we have developed a team of experienced and talented Designers who are ready to take on any challenge put in front of them. Whether it’s custom brand implementation, a stylized-feature wall, or creating an interesting display for your space, we’ll get it done, and done right.

Our design team includes local and national artists who are well-versed in Mural design and heavily involved in various art scenes. Feel free to reach out to us for examples of our artists’ work or if you would like assistance in any upcoming projects.

PhishMe – XGD & Brand Implementation

Client: PhishMe

PhishMe was one of the most fun projects we have worked on to date! Although they had an idea in mind, they contacted us to design and install their exterior and reception sign. While surveying the space, we saw a lot of potential to incorporate experimental and environmental graphics into their beautifully designed new office. We were able to show some examples of previous work to which PhishMe responded enthusiastically. This made them eager to see our ideas for their new space.

After walking through the space with the client and our design team, we formulated some preliminary design ideas based on our survey. Our initial intention for three of the designated areas was to have one of our in house muralists paint retro-style scenes that would tie the spaces together. We presented these concepts to PhishMe. They loved the ideas but were looking to incorporate something more “corporate”, while still having an artistic vibe. So, we went back to the drawing board. A second round of concepts were provided, and PhishMe loved them all. We were able to choose designs that worked together and had the “corporate” look they needed, while still providing the artistic feel.

The end result was amazing! Visitors are greeted by the exterior sign, and welcomed by an advertising banner at the entrance. As they move into the lobby, a sign encourages them to use the stairs. Walking up the stairs, they see a stunning wall graphic. This immersive experience gives anyone entering the space the intended impression. This positively impacts visitors, as well as those who work there every day. Additionally, the reception lobby was beautifully complimented by a custom metal sign, a simple banding on the wall, and a custom art piece from one of our artists. The client was delighted by it all and so were we. Many times while collaborating with our clients, it takes a bit of time and a lot of effort to get on the same page, however in this case, it happened almost instantly!

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