SUI Creative focuses most of its time on Environmental and Experimental Graphic Design as well as Specialized Projects. Over the last few years, we have developed a team of experienced and talented Designers who are ready to take on any challenge put in front of them. Whether it’s custom brand implementation, a stylized-feature wall, or creating an interesting display for your space, we’ll get it done, and done right.

Our design team includes local and national artists who are well-versed in Mural design and heavily involved in various art scenes. Feel free to reach out to us for examples of our artists’ work or if you would like assistance in any upcoming projects.

BSI – XGD & Brand Implementation

Client: BSI Group

BSI needed exterior signage for their newly acquired building. SUI Signs had fabricated and installed signage for previous BSI locations and were contacted again. SUI saw that the potential scope of work for the project extended beyond exterior signage. BSI had recently rebranded their organization and their beautifully designed space – by Form Architects – could be further enhanced by utilizing super graphics and environmental graphics to emphasize the BSI brand.

SUI Signs quickly brought SUI Creative onto the project. After meeting with Shereen (CMO) and Sarah (CFO) and getting them on board to implement super graphics and environmental graphics in their new space, we were revved-up and ready to go. But there was one catch – BSI Branding Guidelines. Any designs would have to be in line with their strict 300-page branding guideline. The SUI Creative team began reading. Cover to cover, we familiarized ourselves with every aspect of the do’s and don’ts of the new BSI brand which extended past printed materials to the implementation of branding in corporate spaces.

After a few more meetings and design tweaks, SUI surveyed the space during build-out and superimposed the proposed designs into the space. This allowed the Project Designer to see the proposed designs were in line with their vision and even commented that the designs actually “enhanced the space”. The client was able to “see” the final product. So with everyone on board, we moved forward with the proposed designs. The end result achieved was cohesive design packages for feature walls, custom window film and office signage with powerful visual impact.

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