SUI specializes in a variety of specialty film types and film graphics. We have been experts at fabricating and installing privacy, decorative, and security film for many years. We are also frontrunners in designing and producing custom window film. Custom window films can be used for almost anything – from decoration to advertising. Let us help you stand out from the rest with custom window film that is 100% unique to your space.

BSI’s Custom Window Film

Client: BSI Group

While working with BSI on designing feature walls and super graphics for different parts of their space, we saw an opportunity to create something custom and unique for the client.

Staying in line with the branding guidelines, we developed a dynamic pattern with various color and application options that would fit the space and bring together all of the designs developed by our Creative Team. BSI Group also wanted privacy for their offices and conference rooms. This was done by applying a frosted film on the second surface of the glass. The result was a design that brought light and color to the space as well as the impact to stand alone as a unique design throughout the space.

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