SUI Creative focuses most of its time on Environmental and Experimental Graphic Design as well as Specialized Projects. Over the last few years, we have developed a team of experienced and talented Designers who are ready to take on any challenge put in front of them. Whether it’s custom brand implementation, a stylized-feature wall, or creating an interesting display for your space, we’ll get it done, and done right.

Our design team includes local and national artists who are well-versed in Mural design and heavily involved in various art scenes. Feel free to reach out to us for examples of our artists’ work or if you would like assistance in any upcoming projects.

Capitol Tax Partners – Artistic Painting Package

Client: Capitol Tax Partners
Other Involved Parties: HYL Architects

For Capitol Tax Partners, HYL Architects collaborated with SUI Creative to bring history into today. Together they created an established sense of space that abounds with trust and honesty.

Capitol Tax Partners is situated on Constitution Avenue and is surrounded by historic real estate that evokes an air of establishment and dignity. HYL created beautiful new spaces inside but brought in elements of the history through SUI Creative’s graphic work and paintings.

When entering Capitol Tax Partners’ space there is a long corridor that leads you to the reception desk. Rather than having blank walls and carpeting tunneling you to the desk, there was an opportunity to make the corridor unique and each step interesting along the way. SUI Creative’s in-house artist, Bob Mayhew, developed custom paintings based on historical photos of DC landmarks. Certain photos showed DC on a dreary day or a blank sky based on the age, but our artist was able to liven it up by adding clouds and realistic shadows based on where the sun would be in the sky, accurately, on that time of day. A photo that may have been drab was transformed to be bristling with life!

In the Capitol Tax Partners project, you can see the wide range of disciplines and talents employed at SUI. Do you have a project with unique challenges? Spaces you’re not sure what to do with? SUI Creative’s team of artist and designers are excited to customize your space to something unique and one-of-kind for your company.

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